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Stevie-Rae's Realm

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25 September 1991
Hey. Im Stevie-Rae AKA Sting Ray. I believe in Christ and I'm not ashamed of it. If your not ashamed of it either then copy and paste this into your profile

Im oppinionated and bitchy but quite understanding,very loyal,and nurturing once you get to know me. I love to hang out with my peeps and always message back even if it takes me a while. I like to see and create works of art. I love dark poetry and books. I wear black alot but that doesnt make me gothic,although I like the style. I cry often and get hurt alot but im not considered emo. I usually sport the sk8r fashion but i cant sk8 board yet. I am only classifyed as me and thats how i like it. I have long dark brown hair w/natural highlights, hazel eyes, a soft square jaw line,thin eye brows,& glasses. Im 5'5" tall,30" waist,and pretty big boobs(hey,just sayin..). I believe for a girl my age and hieght I have rather huge hands idk does 7.5" from wrist to the tip of my middle finger sound huge or what? Anyway if youd like to know more just ask. I have a myspace its www.myspace.com/snowkittyai and i have yahoo messenger its ObsessionIZmeNu2 . I dont mind talking to people no matter how late on weekends(friday and saturday nights) and breaks. the more you add me to the more of a chance i will talk to you so add me to everything you got & if i dont have something you do tell me and ill try to get it too. I'll hear from you or i wont either way sexy beast out.
~Stevie-Rae AKA Sting Ray!