stevie-rae (stevie_rae) wrote,

Letter to Poem

Conditionally Forever and Always

I still love you.
Let me reiterate
Conditionally Forever and Always

I've experienced a quartet of kisses
since my Heart
was ripped open
and forced shut.

None of theirs
could compare
to the Heart stopping
effect of yours.

Events between us
I have accepted
set in past
Yet to no avail
have I silenced
our joyous memories...

Haunting in day
and in night
as the days
pass me by
you continue
to be there
no matter
how much
I pretend
that I want you
to disappear.

You are Forever
keeping me guessing
(Forgive my Litotes)
Your meretricious behavior
it baffles me.
That act of Insensateness
In true sullen nature
I deplore Incongruity

I SEE you.
You who carry
such a burdon
One that mysteriously
happens to melt away
as I talk to you.

Just as soon
as you try
to Feign Apathy
I can see it again.

Why can't you be straight forward with me for once?

Stop sending me
Mixed sugnals
and get
your point

Having to focus
on a multitude
of boys at once
keeping me from feeling
the Extent
of my agonizing
Love for You.

You are not Perfect
and by Far
more detached from
your feelings than
I would like
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