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Girl, Invincible not Invisable.

Dear "You"
They seem to just keep confusing me, sending mixed signals

A suffeit of Feelings

jumbled up in a heart shaped mass.

Ranging from endless to Infinity.

The smallest atomic element

swaying the obvious emotion..


Why do they Torture me so?

How can they Expect me

to Predict their feelings?

I am only an innocent girl..


Tell me, TELL ME!

guessing is not my Forte..

You can't expect me to make

the first move,

because it won't happen.


What about what I want?

Happiness, safety,

someone who cares

enough to stay.

I had it, it was taken away from me.


All I really want,

like every girl in the world,

is to be Needed.

Needed by someone who

makes them feel

Invincible not Invisable.


How do you do that?

By telling them

three simple words,

I Love You.

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